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August 29, 2009

6 am, the day after my birthday, I feel better today, yesterday sucked big time, specially ’cause i had to work until midnight… they had the nerv to ask me if i wanted to stay 4 hours over! Ha-ha. Now i wish i stayed, because i came home at midnite, watched TV ’til 2 freaking […]

So True (Muy cierto)

January 29, 2009

My good friend Raul sent me thisone, enjoy it : (My Cuate Raul me envio esta, disfrutenla: For those whom spanish isn’t a skill, It reads : “OUT OF A HUNDREAD OF YOUR  PROBLEMS, 10 ARE BECAUSE YOU ARE A DUMB ASS, THE OTHER 90 ARE BECAUSE YOU ARE NOSEY! “

When did you last see your father?

January 27, 2009

January 3rd was the 11th anniversary of my Dad’s death, I often think about him, and hope that where ever he is, he can still be proud of me, even with my many inperfections, i know he is… I miss you Dad.