El Mexican


6 am, the day after my birthday, I feel better today, yesterday sucked big time, specially ’cause i had to work until midnight… they had the nerv to ask me if i wanted to stay 4 hours over! Ha-ha. Now i wish i stayed, because i came home at midnite, watched TV ’til 2 freaking in the morning and woke up at 4:30 and could not go back to sleep. At least if i stayed would have made some xtra bucks : shit.

Vale gave me a couple of presents (i love the wallet) but i was so moved by the giftbag, you rock too MI’JA.


Still i’m thankful that i’m alive, i have good health (?) and have a handfull of people that showed me the love throughout the day.

Happy birthday texts : 10 (plus 1 i sent to myself hehehe)

Happy birthday phonecalls (including the cutest call from my grankids singing or trying to sing FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS) : 2

Happy birthday missed phonecalls : 1 (that i know of, see below)

Happy birthday voicemail : 1 (couldn’t answered that phonecall while at work, see above)

Happy birthday card’s : 2

Happy birthday e-cards : 3

Happy birthday e-mails (including 1 from my stupid former car-insurance guy) : 2

Happy birthday sex : priceless, no seriously: well, let’s put it this way ; my birthday sucked.


One Response to “Birthday”

  1. Happy Birthday! I hope this year is 100 times better than that 1 day.

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